Above the Clouds


Anna Morgan Studio is committed to promoting the most ethical, responsible and sustainable working practices throughout its productions process from the tools used, the packaging and the source of the materials.


Olive Wood

Not only is olive wood a beautiful dense wood that is rich in colour with a straight grain and fine texture, but it’s also very hard-wearing, naturally food safe and doesn’t retain any odours or stains. 


It is incredibly important to Anna Morgan Studio that the olive wood products used are sustainably and responsibly sourced and legally harvested. The olive wood products used by Anna Morgan Studio are sourced from a family run Tunisian business who only harvest aged and fruitless olive trees.


As part of its initiative to become eco-friendly, Anna Morgan Studio no longer uses single use plastic tools to create homeware and art pieces. The tools used in the production process are eco-friendly and reusable including mixing tools, cups, silicone mats, mica glitters and some pigment pastes. Anna Morgan Studio is always on the look out for new eco-friendly materials to use.



From the bubble wrap to the tape, Anna Morgan Studio only uses packaging that is eco-friendly and recyclable when shipping orders to their new homes. All packaging used is manufactured from partially recycled material and is fully recyclable and biodegradable.


Anna Morgan Studio uses only re-usable and eco-friendly tools which drastically reduces its tool waste. To reduce material wastage, the amount of resin required for each project is carefully measured and any excess is used to make other items such as bookmarks.