Above the Clouds
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With a degree in Law and a masters in Corporate Governance and Law, Anna has gone down a very different path to where her journey first began. After completing her masters in 2013, Anna spent several years working in London in the Corporate Governance field.


In 2019, Anna relocated to Singapore where she had a break from her corporate career. This is where her love and passion for Resin Art was discovered and quite soon after her discovery, she set up a business in Singapore creating and selling her resin art and homeware pieces. After a couple of years of living and working in Singapore, Anna moved back to the UK and is now based just outside London.


Anna has returned to her corporate career on a part time basis and spends the rest of her time running Anna Morgan Studio.


All pieces are handmade and inspired by the beautiful nature around us. High gloss Epoxy Resin is used and combined with colour pigments and powders, metal flakes, mica glitters and crystals to create a unique piece of art that can be admired on the wall or as a functional piece in your home.